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Вашингтон Таймс увеличава абонатите си

A More National Washington Times?
Although higher ups maintain that its just in the brainstorming phase, we hear that, during a recent meeting with Washington Times brass and a handful of top reporters, Executive Editor John Solomon discussed a still-in-the-works plan to begin national distribution of the newspaper.

According to sources, The Times would appear as an insert within other papers; the inserts could be the full A section of the daily Washington broadsheet, or truncated to 12 or 16 pages. While many other papers are cutting back, The Times may expand to as many as a dozen cities, although exactly which cities is still up in the air.

The newspaper abandoned its printing operations earlier this year and is now printed in Baltimore. A new national distribution deal would likely mirror that arrangement, sources said.

The paper also recently unveiled a new wire service to distribute its copious copy to newspapers across the country.

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