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Фестивали за вселенски мир (Универсална федерация за световен мир)

Global Peace Festival 2008
The Global Peace Festival (GPF) theme is the family as the cornerstone of society and the school of love and peace, and the promotion of healthy marriages and families.

The Global Peace Festival celebrates the vision of 'One Family Under God' by developing ongoing programs that:

Raise and nurture strong marriages and families
Facilitate interreligious harmony
Foster a culture of peace and service
This works hand in hand with the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

Each GPF hosts a service impact program, bringing together partners to actively address nationally relevant issues and promoting a culture of service and peace. Each GPF also hosts an International Leadership Conference. This conference is a summit of international leaders dedicated to a peaceful world.

The highlight of the Global Peace Festivals is the main event, an exuberant celebration of music and inspiration.

Israel Read All Articles (1)
Bringing the UPF Vision to a Druze Annual Gathering

Philippines Read All Articles (6)
A Call for Peace and Unity in Mindanao, Philippines
Media Coverage of GPF-Mindanao
Mindanaoans Converge for Global Peace Festival Peace-Making in Mindanao: A Risky Business
Background of the Global Peace Festival in Mindanao
Project “Adopt-a-Park” Launched in the Philippines

Brazil Read All Articles (1)
Ferreira: Drawn Together in the Bonds of God's Love

United Kingdom Read All Articles (3)
Global Peace Festival-UK Gets Funky!
GPF Project on the BBC Website - UK Spice and Soul Break Out GPF 2008

Japan Read All Articles (2)
Filipino Delegates Support Global Peace Festival-Japan New Youth Festival in Japan

Korea Read All Articles (1)
New Hope for Korean Reunification

Albania Read All Articles (4)
A Gift of Cranes to Albania
Peace March Planned for Albania Festival A Peace March in Albania
Eager Preparations for Global Peace Festival in Albania

Read All Articles (2)
Malaysia Hopes to Be the World Capital of Peace A Gathering for Peace in Kuala Lumpur

Canada Read All Articles (6)
Reflections on the Canada Leadership Conference
Canada's Role as a 'Middle Power'
Only Love Can Overcome Hatred Educating for Peace in Canada
Global Peace Festival Planning Meeting in Ottawa
Planning the Global Peace Festival in Canada

Read All Articles (8)
Mongolia Global Peace Festival and the MDGs
GPF-Mongolia Event Video
Collecting Donations to Help Mongolian Children Mongolian Peace Festival Highlights Service and Art Projects
Service Activities During the Global Peace Festival
Promoting Safety at Mongolia's Naadam Festival

Kenya Read All Articles (10)
Prime Minister Odinga Welcomes the Global Peace Festival to Kenya
A Better Day for Kenya Has Come
Tibaijuka: Good Leadership Is Essential for Development GPF-Kenya Event Video
Goodluck: Message of Goodwill to the Global Peace Festival-Kenya
National Museums of Kenya Support River Clean-Up

United States
Read All Articles (9)
Global Peace Festival Comes to New York
Global Peace Festival Touches Hearts in Atlanta
A Call for Faith in God, Compassion, Family Promoting a Culture of Peace in Los Angeles
Christian, Jewish and Muslim Peacemakers Come to Washington, D.C.
Everything Matters in Making Peace

Read All Articles (12)
Cabalgata Estimula una Nueva Visión para Paraguay
Media Reports on the Global Peace Festival
Asunción Commits to One Family Under God Cattle Drive Spurs New Vision for Paraguay
GPF Paraguay: Reflexiones al día siguiente
Una Familia Bajo Dios en Latinoamérica

Lebanon Read All Articles (2)
A Call to Service in Lebanon Planting Trees in Northern Lebanon

Russia Read All Articles (2)
Global Peace Festival Russia – A Focus on Family Values Global Peace Festival Events in Russia

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