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Държавното управление в Северна Корея

Report: Kim Jong-Nam confronted his father over missteps by his younger brother, the heir apparent

Статията разглежда отношението на северно - корейския лидер Ким Джонг-Нам към военнолюбивите намерения на своя млад полубрат Ким Джонг Ун срещу Южна Корея.

East-Asia-Intel.com, October 20, 2010
SEOUL — North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's first son Kim Jong-Nam, who has lost out in a family power struggle, met his father in Beijing in late August to protest against his younger half-brother and heir-apparent Kim Jong-Un's military provocation on South Korea, Seoul's public broadcaster KBS said.

Kim Jong-Nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, waves after his first-ever interview with South Korean media in Macau in June. AP/JoongAng Ilbo, Shin In-Seop
Jong-Nam visited a hotel in China where Kim Jong-Il was staying on his secret tour and told his father to punish Jong-Un, who was said to have been behind the North's submarine attack in March on the South's warship Cheonan that killed 46 sailors.

Jong-Nam said that Jong-Un masterminded the torpedo attack to make up for a botched currency reform late last year that Jong-Un had also masterminded, KBS said, citing Jong-Nam's close associations in China.

He told his father to stop condoning Jong-Un's behaviors and warned if the half-brother keeps misbehaving then he "would go his own way," the broadcaster said.

South Korea, citing a multinational investigation, accuses the North of torpedoing the warship, but the North has denied responsibility.

The attack has led to toughened international sanctions on the nation's already crippled economy.

KBS said the mysterious delay of the Workers' Party conference in September was due to Jong-Nam's protest.

"There are many supporters of Kim Jong-Nam in China and North Korea," the associate was quoted as saying.

The Party planned to hold a representatives' meeting, the first such meeting in 44 years, in early September. Party delegates were seen arriving in Pyongyang for the gathering with posters setting up in the city hailing the occasion.

But the Party conference was delayed to Sept. 28 with no explanations, which touched off speculations over a power struggle over the country's next leadership.

Jong-Un officially made his debut at the conference as his father's successor by being named as vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. He was also given a rank of four-star general in the country's powerful People's Army.

Days later, in an interview with Japan's Asahi TV, Jong-Nam expressed opposition to the planned hereditary succession, a remark that some in the North considered traitorous.

Some North Korea watchers in Seoul said the race for the North's next leadership is still ongoing.

"Kim Jong-Un has been given key posts in the Party and the military, but his status as a heir has not been fixed," said Kim Kun-Shik, a North Korea expert at Seoul's Kyungnam University. Jong-Un is still undergoing a qualifying examination, he said.

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